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How to write a Video Ad script

How to write a Video Ad script

Learn the tried and tested methods for writing effective spokesperson video ad scripts that are proven to convert to sales. Read more

Why Spokesperson Videos Work

Why Spokesperson videos work for sales

Understanding why are spokesperson videos so effective for sales can help you to implement them in all aspects of your marketing strategy. Read More

tips for successful video marketing

Secrets of video marketing

Tips for a successful video marketing campaign. Find out how to optimize facebook ads , post targeting , SEO and content to maximize results. Read more

How to write a video marketing script

How to write a video marketing script

Become a video marketing master with our guide on how to write an effective video marketing script from conception to screen. Read more

Green Screen Tips

Get the perfect Green Screen Video

Learn the secrets of a perfect green screen video setup. Save time in the edit and get pro results with these tips. Learn More

Create Viral Video Content

How to create viral video content

Have you been attempting to compose content that people want to share? We'll show you how in our viral video guide. Read more

video marketing new kid on the block

Video Marketing's New Kid on the Block

Spokesperson videos are a great marketing tool, but there is a new kid on the block in the video marketing world. With the 'stories' trend across social media, influencers are showing that great content can be super cheap, fast and effective. Read more

Best Free Video Ads Templates

Best Free Video Ads Templates Online

Here are our recommendations for the best free video ad makers online today. If you need video content templates for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or your website, create it for free with these apps. Read more

how to make an online video course

How to make an online video course

Online video courses are big business. Here we explain the 10 step process to become an online video course maker. Read more

how to convert blog to video

How to convert Blog to Video

Video results now rank at the top of Google. Video content is replacing Blogs. Convert you existing blog posts to video and stay ahead of the competition. We show you how. Read More

Video Marketing in 2021

Video Marketing in 2021

2021 is the year of Video Marketing for businesses of all sizes. The covid pandemic has forced many businesses to refocus their efforts on internet sales. Read more

Selling with Promo Videos

Selling With Promo Videos

Learn how to sell your products by utilizing promo videos in your marketing campaign. Read more

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