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Why spokesperson videos work for sales

Humans have been storytellers throughout the ages. Some of the earliest writings and cave art tell stories. Video is the ultimate storytelling medium as it combines all of the elements needed for total human interaction. They combine sound and vision along with familiar mediums such as text and graphics. The most effective types of videos feature a spokesperson. Why are spokesperson videos so affective?

 1. Body language builds trust

Visuals and voiceovers are the basis for most video ads. These are important elements to get the message across to the audience, but to sell the audience on the message, we need to add human familiarity. Body language amplifies the video message. As the words of the spokesperson are associated with a real human face, the viewer lends more trust to the message.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association showed that ‘honesty’ in a message is better judged through the face while tone of voice helps judge deception. Spokesperson videos combine both in a way that distils trust. 
2. Reduce bounce rates and increase conversions

Engaging videos on landing pages have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80%. That is, an effective video on a landing page can increase conversions compared with a landing page without a spokesperson video.

To keep customers engaged on your page, the most important element to consider is the spokesperson themselves. Make sure you select a spokesperson that has the right look and manner to match your brand. Look at their body language. Do they come across as genuine in their delivery? 

Be sure to include keywords in your script as transcripts of videos can often lead to better visibility. Write a script that works like ad copy. For more tips on scriptwriting for spokesperson videos, see our article here.

3. Spokesperson reviews can be great content for your media channels

Videos that are based on product reviews and demonstrations are very popular. These types of videos can attract new potential customers organically. These types of videos are much more engaging with a video spokesperson. Instead of a very clinical spinning pedestal type of product showcase, the viewer sees an actual person interacting with the product. This can have a similar effect as a friend’s recommendation.   

Body language, gestures, tone and charisma can all help to tell your products. Even when a video is on mute with subtitles, the body language of the spokesperson can still be emotive enough to encourage your potential customers to click through and make the purchase. Spokesperson videos should be in the top trey of every marketers toolbox.


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Why spokesperson videos work