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How to write a marketing video script

How to write a script for a marketing video

If you run a business, making a marketing video is a great way to reach out to other businesses and potential customers who might be interested. Even though it looks simple, it is quite difficult to make a marketing video that targets a certain audience and it can take a time to get the precise results. In order to captivate the viewer of the marketing video, it is important that the video is interesting and leave a footprint in the mind of the audience otherwise they will forget about it after some time.

If you want to make your marketing video a success then there are many ways to do it but everything starts with a good script. When you are writing a script for marketing video, you should enjoy it and be able to explore different possibilities and idea to implement into it. However, it is important that a set structure is followed; the video should be suitable for the brand and the audience which are going to watch it. Once you have the script ready, the video will automatically be a success. There are various points that need to be addressed in order to write a good script for marketing videos.

Keep it Simple

When you are writing a script, stick to simplicity. It is okay to bring your ideas to light but do not go overboard. Everything cannot be covered in a single video and doing so will only derail you from the core message that you are planning to deliver. Keep the core message in mind and stick to it, everything else in the script should revolve around that one message.

Make it Interesting

Most of the times the videos, especially the Facebook Video Ads and the YouTube Spokesperson Video Ads, are ignored because they do not have anything interesting in them. At most, you have a few seconds before the viewer skip the video. During those few seconds, you have to show something that will stay in their minds for a while. Not everyone will watch the whole video, but a few will watch the video only because the first few seconds of the video were interesting. The sooner you captivate them, the better.

Skip to the Point

During those 10 seconds of the start of the video, deliver you message as clearly as you can. Those people who will skip the ad anyway will still get the message of the video. They have to watch the first few seconds anyways so why not use that time? Deliver the message quickly.

Address the Audience

The very idea of the marketing video is to tell the audience about your product or service and that is why that the audience is addressed directly. Keep the script directed toward s the audience as if you are talking to them, this will make many people listen to your message.

Have a Talk

When you are writing the script for marketing video, keep the tone conversational. You do not want to sound like you are a professor in a lecture hall, speaking away the notes. Keep the tone as if you are speaking to them in a casual manner, this will make them understand the message more clearly.

Focus on the Message

Whatever you are going to explain in the video, all of it should have a central message and the rest of the script should revolve around it. If it is a long video such as commercials then make sure that you come back to the main message in the middle of the video otherwise the audience will grow confused about it. The main reason to make a video is to deliver the message, not confuse the audience.

A Brief Message

Talking about the message being brief, this is the reason that short video ads are so successful. The audience does not want to watch a marketing video which is half the length of an average content video. Try to keep the length of the video below 3 minutes otherwise the audience will grow bored of it and skip it halfway.

Listen to Your Script

If you have completed writing a script for marketing video, it is time to read it and correct any mistakes in it. Make sure that when you read it out loud, it does not sound off. You may have missed something in a sentence or you may have written the same phrase many times in the script, which can be annoying for the audience to listen to. When you listen to yourself reading the script, it should feel natural and sound like you are having a conversation with another person. Reading it will give you an idea what your script sounds like, pretend that you are a voice-over actor ready to record your lines for the marketing video. Imagine the video when you are reading the script and check the tone of it, the script should sit perfect with your imagination.

Reading the script is also a good way to know that the script is appropriate length and it will not elongate the video too much. Give breaks when you are speaking the sentences and also take small pauses when you are at the end of the paragraph. If the script is too long for the video script, you will have to trim it down to size and if it is short then you will have to add more content to it.

Call to Action

The marketing video script should not only be about delivering the message to the audience, it should end with what the video was intended to do; finish with a call to action. The call to action should sound natural and it should be subtle but not too rude. Some of the most common call to action used in the markets are, “So, what are you waiting for?” or “Visit us at”. You can try different way to ask audience to do an action, it all depends on your imagination.

If you have followed all of the points accordingly then congratulations, you have completed writing a script for a marketing video!


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