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Best Free Video Ad Templates Online

Best Free Video Ad Templates Online

The video ads can boost sales and traffic, engage with your audience and potential customers, and deliver information about your products or services in a dynamic way. Creating or editing video ads is more complicated than simple text copy or photo ads. This is where online video ad makers can really help with simplifying the whole process and give you a social media ready video in no time.

No need to get bogged down in formats and aspect ratios for all of the different platforms, online video ad makers can format videos specific for facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, Youtube with a single click. They offer templates and effects as standard. 

Getting a spokesperson video ad created for you by a professional video production team like Screen Promos is the smart thing to do ;-) but what if you want to create some ads for free? Maybe you want a quick intro video, or a product teaser. Luckily we have compiled a list of the best free tools on the net to help you to produce video ads yourself! If you want to check out some of the paid ad makers too, we have also included our recommendations.

 • Part 1: Free Video Ad Makers
 • Part 2: Paid Video Ad Makers
 • Part 3: Conclusion

Part 1: Free Video Ad Makers Online

1. Biteable – Free Video Ad Maker 

Biteable is great for creating videos for social media, ads, presentations and much more using stock footage templates and photos along with background music.


 • Hundreds of live-action stock footage, animation, or photo scenes in a variety of pre-made video templates.
 • Free to use video ads maker
 • Easy to use - Simply drag and drop onto a timeline to create and edit your video 
 • Large selection of royalty-free background music
 • Share your videos directly on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook 

2. Motionden – Free Online Video Creator 

Motionden, is an online solution for creating ads and intros, no need to download any software. You simply select a template and customize it with your own text and images. This is great for quick intros or product reveals.


 • Totally online - no need to download the software 
 • It’s FREE - With a small watermark
 • Large library of attractive graphics and visuals  
 • Very easy to use.
 • Easy to customise with your of text and photos 
 • Download and share your videos 

3. Clipchamp - Create  Multiple Video Formats

Clipchamp Create has an excellent selection of templates in platform specific formats for Youtube, Facebook Ads, Instagram Video ads and slideshows. As a free user you can make unlimited videos without watermark! Granted they are only 480p, but that is still a usable resolution for social media news feeds. If you use the stock footage feature there is a watermark, but it’s a fair compromise. They also offer other tools like videos converters etc.


 • Great library of slick video templates 
 • Simple interface 
 • Unlimited video ads creation
 • All in browser

4. Renderforest – Variety of Ad Templates 

This online template based video ad maker is a monster. There is a huge library of video templates to choose from. From logo intros to ads and slideshows. There are so many possibilities with this ad maker. It would feature higher on the list if HD videos were included for free. Only 360p watermarked videos are free, but they are still useful and can provide inspiration too.


 • Huge library of video ad templates 
 • Simple interface 
 • Upload your own voiceovers 
 • Edit the animations
 • Large selection of background music 
 • Dynamic zoom and pan effects

5. Bannersnack – Banner Ad Videos 

Banner ads are still a thing - they are often forgotten by marketers, but you see them everyday. This is the free video ad maker that will make your banner ads stand out from the crowd. 


 • High-quality templates in various dimensions
 • Use your own logos and fonts 
 • High quality stock phos included.
 • Simple interface 
 • Handy banner generator to create hundreds of ad variations easily.

Part 2: Paid Video Ad Makers 

All of the video ad creators features in our free video ad makers list offer paid option. If you like using one of those applications it would be well worth considering upgrading to the paid options. They often include extra features, higher resolution video output and extra libraries of assets. Here are some alternatives to consider if you want extra features from the start.

1. ViddyozeProfessional & Simple Ads maker

A very powerful yet simple video making tool. With just 3 clicks you can create professional, dynamic videos. There is a huge library of temples and some very impressive animation effects not found in any other automatic video maker at any price point.


 • High Definition video (1080p) 
 • Huge library of templates.
 • Impressive professional effects
 • 60 Day money back guarantee
 • 4.7 Star ratings on Trustpilot 

2. Animoto – Facebook Ads maker

This is a solid ads maker that can create facebook ads fast and easy. Excellent HD quality videos with lots of customisation options.


 • High Definition video (1080p) 
 • Lots of styles, filters, fonts and colour customization.
 • Large library of licensed music tracks 
 • Pre-made storyboards and ad templates
 • Multiple aspect ratios 

3. Movidmo - Fast & Simple Templates

Movidmo has a huge selection of searchable templates with stock footage, images and font library. Create ads quickly and easily.


 • Various formats
 • Add your own assets such as logos and images 
 • Closed captioning included
 • Large range of background music options
 • Conclusion.


There really are some great free video ad makers on this list that will inspire and help you to create engaging content for you business or brand. All of the video makers on this list offer paid options that are well work considering if you want extra functionality. Free video ad makers are ideal for quick content for highlighting new products. For longer videos and full commercials, it may be worth considering using a full blown video editing application, or learning how to shoot your own videos. The best of the paid video makers is Viddyoze and well worth the one time payment price of $77

You’ll notice that most of these online video ads makers actual advertise their software using spokesperson video ads. Human interaction in your videos will certainly ad to the engagement and conversion of your videos. If you’re ready to move to the next level of video ads, spokesperson videos are the ideal solution. All you need is a script and the rest can be done for you. No need to download any software or learn video editing.


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Best free video ads templates online