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Selling With Promo Videos

With so much competition on the internet, businesses have to grab attention if they want to succeed. Sharpening their promotional and marketing skills is a sure-fire way to boost their bottom line. Video Marketing is one of the most effective ways to acheive this.

Audio-visual content is used to directy introduce and familiarize targeted viewers with your company's products and services with the aim of stimulating their interest. Since corporate videos are similar to movies, they also have a defined story-line, a specific theme and message, and a way of transmitting that message to anyone who views them.

Ideally, your promo videos should be produced to a very high standard and be created by a professional video production team who have experience and work within this field. Such a production could be just a few seconds long or upto an hour, this depends on the needs of the company. Corporate video production can include safety videos, training videos, and videos used internally for communicating with your staff or associates.

In this technological age, there is often a direct connection between a corporate video and the other means of using media to communicate with the public, including TV advertising and broadcast television. (For example, if a company produces a web video, that production will automatically be seen by a somewhat larger audience). To achieve the desired effect, in producing a first-class video, a corporation may use external broadcasting facilities and the accompanying style and techniques to attract a number of viewers who are familiar with popular media. In fact, the theme of a particular video may even be based on some well-known TV program. 

As a rule, an outside production company accepts the client s outline, develops it (perhaps with a story board or script), and consults with the client to determine the delivery date and production schedule. Since the scope of video production can vary widely, in some cases only basic equipment and a minimal crew will be used, and at other times, the budget and production level may even equal or exceed that of the average a television commercial or program.

The following steps are usually part of corporate video production:Pre-production – This includes story boarding and script writing, and the budget will be agreed to by the production company and the corporation before filming begins.

Production – This is done on location with a director and a camera crew, and it may also include a number of presenters and professional actors.

Post-production – Here the live-action film footage is edited, an audio voice-over may be recorded, graphics may be included, a sound track or musical score may be developed, and 2-D or 3-D animation may also become part of the video.

You can use a well-made video to showcase your company that will be both enjoyable and easy to comprehend as a DVD you send to your clients or potential clients, at trade shows, and as part of a special in-store advertising campaign.

You will want the production method you choose to do the following: 

- deliver your video for a fixed price and as scheduled,

- work within a reasonable budget with a reasonable amount of resources, and

- reassure the customer or potential client that they have been given all the information they need in order to make a choice, and enable you to target customers 24/7.

Rather than wasting your entire marketing and advertising budget on costly TV and radio commercials, ineffective magazine and newspaper ads or expensive company brochures, you can get a better return on your investment for promoting your product or service by letting promotional videos do the job.

Marc Hamill
Director of Screen Promos


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selling with promo videos