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How to create viral video content

Have you been attempting to create video content that people feel compelled to share?

You're not alone! 

Composing video content in anticipation of it going viral is not easy – even for seasoned veteran copy writers! Everybody is seeking that one blog post or Facebook video ad that explodes and drives traffic to their webpage. 

Luckily, there are a few techniques you can use to kick start your content writing! The key is in avoiding fads and hacks and instead concentrating on quality video content.

Here we will outline the means to composing viral substance to drive high-volume traffic to your site or blog. 

Creating viral content relies upon knowing the essentials of composing content that interests your intended audience. Then creating content that is so compelling ( or entertaining ), that they have to share it with the world.

1. Stay on trend

Current affairs and trending topics are an instant interest point for vast numbers of people. Keep your finger on the pulse and you can tap into this powerful resource.

New industry standards and gudelines are always a great way to tap a niche relative resource that is informative and share worthy.

It's ideal to bounce on a story when it breaks – not hold up until a couple of days or weeks have passed by. The sooner you can compose content about a current trend the better.

2. Play on emotions

Positive or negative emotions can help to drive traffic. People are more likely to share something that makes them happy or angry rather than something that is just interesting. 

3. Make It Relatable 

Speak to your audience, but make that audience a wide target. Target by industry or age group, interest or inclination. Content with a broad relatable subject will connect with more people. The aim is to get as many people as possible to share it, so choose your audience wisely. 

4. Learn from Clickbait 

People click on clickbait because of captivating titles and imagery. Some people might even share it without reading the content. Video thumbnails are a great way to grab attention. I am not suggesting that you should use deceptive tactics to pull in traffic, but a well written title and attractive or striking image / video can really sell the content before it's even heard.

5. Make The Content Compact

Make your content interesting, informative and compact. Don't overwhelm the reader with details. Make the point without getting bogged down with too much data. A good tip is to follow what is a well used tactic in screenplay writing. Start the scene as late as possible and leave as soon as possible. A video ad should leave them wanting more.

6. Unleash your content.

You need to share your content with as many people as possible in the shortest space of time. If you are not well versed in the art of social media ads, it might be west to employ someone to do this for you. If you can't afford to pay someone to do it, at lease take some time to learn how to do it yourself. Then use as many tools as possible to lessen the physical labor and time. Tools like Hootsuite will serve you well here.

Remember to to use analytics to see how your posts are converting. Again, it helps if you have someone who is a master in this type of technical social media marketing, but it's well worth learning more on this side yourself anyhow.


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