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Get the perfect Green Screen Chromakey video

How to get the perfect green screen chromakey video

Utilizing green screens for filmmaking isn't the most convoluted or troublesome thing on the planet however it absolutely has its challenges. In the event that you ask any accomplished producer what to pay special mind to when utilizing a green screen, odds are they're going to make reference to lighting around a million times. That's because lighting simply is the make or break for good green screen videos.

There are of course numerous other significant factors to consider, as well, but lighting is key ( no pun intended ) 

Lighting Tips for Green Screen 

Lighting is surely one of if not the most significant pieces of utilizing a green screen. Why? If you don't light it evenly, you're going to have shadows. On the off chance that you have shadows, you're going to have an awful key. In the event that you have a terrible key, you're going to have a nightmare at the editing stage. 

Equally light your green screen so you can get a decent key. 

When lighting, attempt to make as much separation between your subject and the green screen as you can. Distance away from the green screen will help with this. Light the subject a and the background separately. The aim is to cast no shadows on the background while still lighting the subject. 

Camera Settings for Shooting Green Screen 

So you have lit your green screen equally. You're all set. But there are a few more ticks to help get a great key. 

Increase your shutter speed: This will minimize motion blur

Increase depth of field to add blur to the background which can further help to smooth out any flaws in the green screen. 

Shoot at the highest resolution available and keep the ISO low.

Green Vs Blue? Basic. Utilize a blue screen when there is regular green components (like trees, grass, and plants) in your shot, or if your actor / presenter needs to where green.

That's pretty much it. Just playback your recordings and check for shadows.


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