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News Presenter Videos 

If you need a news presenter video for a film project, brand promo, business announcement or news channel, a news spokesperson video from Screen Promos is the ideal solution. Our presenters are experience in delivering news on green screen in pre-recorded and live broadcast situations. We are experienced in delivering news videos for weekly news channels as well as providing news style videos for business bulletins and much more.

Our spokesperson presenters wil deliver your news content in an articulate manner, dressed is appropriate clothing and will engage with the views just like TV news anchors.

Our studio is a professional commercial facility just like a news studio. We ca even shoot establishing shots behind the cameras and teleprompters where appropriate. We use professional lighting and state of the are audio and video equipment to ensure the highest possible standards in sound and vision.

We have a variety of new room backgrounds and virtual sets available along with breaking news intos and news style music. We can also add lower third tect overlay and in-picture video overlays.

For an authentic news room video, Screen Promos are the experts. Our news presenter spokesperson videos have been featured in movies, TV and commercials around the globe.



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