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How to write a Video Ad Script

Video is the most engaging ad media online, but a snazzy video alone will not give you the traffic and conversions you need. A spokesperson video script is exactly the same as any other type of ad copy. Luckily there are some tried and tested methods for writing effective ad copy that we can incorporate into a high converting spokesperson video script

1. Tell the viewers how you’ll solve their problem

It is natural to want to highlight the great features of your product, but potential customers have a short window of attention. They want to know what the results are first before finding out how the results are acheived. Your video introduction should cut to the chase. For example, when running ads for our spokesperson videos, we could start with how professional our presenters are and how great our video production team is, but that will not persuade a customer to order a video. We start with result: You will sell more products with video ads. 

2. Emotional triggers for the casual customer

Customers who are casually browsing, gathering information about a product or service might not know the exact reason why they want to purchase your product. Even when your video starts by solving their potential problem, they might not feel that is moving enough to click your call to action. In this case, emotional triggers can make all the difference. 
Here’s how to make your video script emotional:

 • Determine who your customer is
 • Determine the persona that would appeal to that customer
 • Write and emotional script using that persona

The most simple way to trigger emotions is to resolve a customer’s fear. 

3. Highlight benefits, not features

Talking about how great your brand is will not connect with the customer. You need to make the customer aware of how your product will make their lives better. If you can explain this in a personal way, the customer will feel a bond and want to hear more about the product. Use ‘You’ and ‘your’ more than ‘we’

Your script should tell the customer how this will benefit them and how convenient it is.

4. Use psychology in your script.

The age old sales tactic used by stores that announce ‘closing down sales’ ‘end of season sales’ and ‘sale ends soon’ still works as well today in online video ads as it did on tv and written media. The psychological effect is real. The fear of losing out can persuade your customer to take the plunge. Sales funnels often use countdown timers as a modern ‘sale ends soon’ often with hugely exaggerated savings. These tactics can be implemented into your spokesperson video ad. Your spokesperson can let the audience know that an exclusive discount is available for a limited time only.

5. Call to action

If you don't ask, you don't get. Make sure to ask the customer to do what you want them to do. If your ad is for social media to drive traffic to your website ask them to click the ad button. If your video is intended for viral sharing, make sure your spokesperson tells the viewer to visit your website and have the URL clearly shown on screen long enough for the viewer to read it and type it into their browser.

6. It doesn't have to be perfect first time

When you have your script ready, order your spokesperson video and get it out there. Better yet, write two scripts and get them both out as video ads. You can run a split test to see which ad performs best. Most social media sites now have ad managers which can track the performance of your video ads. Don't be afraid to put your video in front of the audience. OK, so the average video ad usually costs $400 - $600. Screen Promos video ads are $45. It's a no brainer. Our packages are cheap enough to do multiple split tests without braking the bank. You could get two 50 word videos from us for $45 in total. You could even get four 50 word videos for the same price by subscribing to our blog below. 

Marc Hamill - Director of Screen Promos 


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